Color by Word


Creating a Custom Color by Word Worksheet

Customize a color association worksheet to teach students how to recognize and use high frequency words. Choose from up to 32 images and use your own words or high frequency words from Starfall’s Kindergarten ELA curriculum.

Choosing a Curriculum Edition & Week

Click the Edition 1 or Edition 2 buttons for a list of high frequency words from one of our ELA curriculum editions. Click on a week to create the image and high frequency words for that week.

You can also type your own words not found within our curricula. The character limit is six characters.

Selecting an Image

Click the image in the Image menu you’d like to customize.

Choosing Colors

Click a crayon in the “My Color Key” list or a number in the Customize menu to select a color. The chosen crayon will have a yellow highlight box around it.

Once you have selected a crayon, choose a color from the Color drop-down box to change the color of the crayon.

Add or remove colors by clicking the + and - buttons next to the numbers in the Customize menu. Each image can accommodate a different number of words, with a limit of eight words.

Customizing Words

Click a word from the High-Frequency Words list to choose from our list. Or click inside the Word box, type a word, and press Enter to type your own words. There is a limit of seven characters.

Saving & Printing

Once the worksheet looks the way you’d like, click the Create PDF from the Resource Toolbar.