Letter Search


Creating a Custom Letter Search Worksheet

Design a worksheet to help students find letter pairs in a letter puzzle with included writing practice.

Choosing a Curriculum Week

If you are following one of our curriculum plans, click on a week to choose the letters for that week.

You can also customize the letters in the Letter Choices section.

Customizing the Letters

You can type your own letters in the Letter Choices menu if you would like to customize the page. Place your cursor in the Letter 1 or Letter 2 field and type the letter you’d like, either upper or lower case. Press the Enter key to save the letter.

Customizing the Colors

You can choose the colors to use by selecting a color from the Color 1 and Color 2 drop down boxes.

Saving & Printing

Once you have the letters and colors you’d like, click the Create PDF button from the Resource Toolbar.