Creating a Custom Picture Sounds Worksheet

Design a worksheet to teach students the proper way of using upper and lower cases when writing letters A-Z.

Choosing a Curriculum Week

If you are following one of our curriculum plans, click on a week to create the image and high frequency words for that week.

You can also customize the letters you want in the Letter Choices section.

Selecting the Number of Images

Click the Six or Eight buttons in the Images menu for a worksheet with either six or eight images.

Choosing the Letters

You can also type your own letter in the Letter 1 and Letter 2 columns. Depending on the letters you choose, the available words and pictures will change in the sections below.

Customizing Words and Images

If you want to change the words from the default list provided, click in the word field (1-6 or 1-8) and then click on the new word from the Other Available Words list. The new word and image will be added to the list.

Saving & Printing

Once you have the letters, words, and images you’d like, click the Create PDF button from the Resource Toolbar.