Word Shapes


Creating a Custom Word Shapes Worksheet

Design a worksheet to provide students an opportunity to practice reading and writing words. Use your own words or high frequency words from Starfall’s Kindergarten ELA curriculum.

Choosing a Curriculum Edition & Week

Click the Edition 1 or Edition 2 buttons for a list of high frequency words from one of our ELA curriculum editions. If you are following one of our curriculum plans, click on a week to create the image and high frequency words for that week.

If you are not following one of our curriculum plans, select None to type your own words. The character limit is six characters.

Selecting a Layout

Click the Six or Eight buttons in the Layout menu for a worksheet with up to eight words.

Choosing a Demo Option

The Demo option provides a completed example to show what to do. Click the On and Off buttons to choose the demo.

Customizing Words

Click a word from the High-Frequency Words list to choose from our list. Or click inside the Word box in the Customize menu, type a word, and press Enter to type your own words. There is a limit of 13 characters.

Click the Shuffle Word Order button to reorder the words.

Saving & Printing

Once you are finished customizing the worksheet, click the Create PDF button from the Resource Toolbar.