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    Starfall Enables MDM
    Aug. 2023

    Starfall makes it easy for organizations to deploy and authenticate the Starfall App on multiple devices with Mobile Device Management and managed app configurations.

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    Major Update to the Starfall Parent-Teacher Center
    Apr. 2023

    Starfall rebuilds its educator website from the ground up! The update brings powerful search tools for worksheets, improved visuals, intuitive navigation, and new grade-specific guides to using Starfall's free and member resources.

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    Secular Homeschool Award
    Mar. 2023

    Starfall earns the Secular Homeschool Award for Best Preschool Curriculum from Homeschool.com.

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    Happy Anniversary!
    Aug. 2022

    Starfall.com celebrates 20 years.

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    Starfall Updated for Android
    Jun. 2022

    After the growing popularity of subscriptions on iOS, Starfall launches an updated Android app including subscriptions on Google Play.

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    Starfall Grows Into 4th and 5th Grades
    Dec. 2021

    Starfall expands into new territory, adding advanced activities and games for grades 4 and 5. The new learning hub launches with two sections: English and Math. Available initially on the Starfall.com website only.

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    Starfall on iOS Upgraded
    Oct. 2020

    Grade 1, 2, and 3 content arrives on the Starfall App for iOS, as found on the Starfall website. The new app also supports an in-app subscription option for individual home users.

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    Remote Access for Enrolled Students
    Aug. 2020

    Starfall releases a new Group Access feature for all School, Classroom, and Teacher members to support remote learning for the 20-21 school year.

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    Courtesy Access as Schools Close
    May 2020

    As schools face closure due to COVID-19, Starfall begins sending courtesy home access codes to educators for distribution to students. Over 700,000 codes issued.

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    Continued Expansion of Advanced Content
    Feb. 2020

    Starfall continues content updates for Grades 1, 2, and 3 with new activities featuring grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and parts of speech.

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    HowToHomeschool.net Award
    Dec. 2019

    Starfall wins Best Homeschool Curriculum and Resources award from HowToHomeschool.net

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    Accessible Index
    Aug. 2019

    Starfall expands features for accessibility with an all-new fully accessible index, featuring keyboard-friendly activities, closed-captions, and visual descriptions.

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    Expanded ELA Content
    Jun. 2019

    Starfall expands English Language Arts content for Grades 1, 2, and 3, beginning with Nouns and Verbs.

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    Revised Store and Parent-Teacher Center
    Apr. 2019

    The Starfall Store and Parent-Teacher Center are streamlined and updated to improve usability.

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    HTML5 Conversion!
    Feb. 2019

    Completed the website conversion from Flash to HTML5 and video of over 700 Starfall animated activities. HTML5 made Starfall available on mobile browsers whereas previously it was only available through mobile apps.

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    Listed on Romper
    Aug. 2018
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    Listed on Kiwi Families
    Apr. 2018
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    Listed on Tutorean
    Apr. 2018

    Starfall listed as one of the Top 50 Best Free Tutoring Apps on the Tutorean website.

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    Five New Math Songs Added
    Mar. 2018

    Five new math songs are now available on the Math Songs Index: Three Crows, I Have Six Dollars, As I Was Going to St. Ives, and Pirate Song.

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    Acknowledged by How to Homeschool.net
    Feb. 2018

    Starfall Education listed as one of the Top 25 Educational Apps of 2018 on HowToHomeschool.net.

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    New Preview section for members
    Dec. 2017

    Starfall introduces a new Preview section to members introducing new activities and skill sets being developed.

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    Starfall Builds Web-Free Apps
    Dec. 2017

    Starfall’s classic Learn to Read apps go offline-ready for the World Literacy Foundation’s Sun Book Tablet Initiative.

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    Reviewed by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
    Sep. 2017

    Old Schoolhouse Magazine publishes reviews of Pre-K, K-ELA and K-Math curricula.

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    Parent-Teacher Center Opens
    Jun. 2017

    Starfall’s primary resource for grown-ups, teach.starfall.com, expands support for parents and teachers alike with the all-new Parent-Teacher Center.

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    Kindergarten ELA 2nd Edition Released
    May 2017

    Starfall releases the 2nd Edition of the Starfall Kindergarten English Language Arts curriculum, featuring daily writing moments, Zac and Friends chapter books, and more!

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    Learn to Read Apps Now Free
    Dec. 2016

    Starfall now offers our four Classic Learn to Read sections as apps for free for everyone.

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    Kindergarten Math Curriculum Released
    Jul. 2016

    Starfall releases its third curriculum, Starfall Kindergarten Mathematics!

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    Teach.Starfall.com Launches
    May 2016

    The Starfall Teachers’ Lounge becomes a stand-alone resource website for grownups at teach.starfall.com.

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    New Starfall Store Opens
    Apr. 2016

    The Starfall Store gets a fresh new look and functionality upgrades, with improved search features and product descriptions.

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    Starfall Becomes a Nonprofit Organization
    Jul. 2015

    We're now a publicly supported nonprofit organization: Starfall Education Foundation! See the IRS Determination Letter.

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    Acknowledged by Parents Magazine
    Sept. 2014

    Starfall Education listed in the 70 Best Apps for Families by Parents magazine.

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    Kindergarten Curriculum Leads to Proficiency
    Feb. 2014

    Evaluation of the Starfall Kindergarten Curriculum study results show that a greater number of Starfall students achieved proficiency or higher over non-Starfall students. Learn More

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    Pre-K Curriculum Released
    Jul. 2013

    Starfall Education releases its field-tested, and research-based integrated curriculum: imagination and play—that's Starfall Pre-K!

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    First Grade Index Debuts
    Apr. 2013

    Starfall opens a First Grade Index on Starfall.com.

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    Award Winning Apps
    Mar. 2013

    Starfall FREE, Learn to Read, and All About Me apps win "On For Learning" awards from Common Sense Media.

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    Happy Anniversary!
    Aug. 2012

    Starfall.com celebrates 10 years.

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    Expanded Math and Reading Content
    Sept. 2012

    Starfall doubles its Math and Reading content, meeting Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

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    Apps Available for Apple and Android
    Jul. 2012

    Starfall Learn to Read app and Starfall All About Me app available for Apple and Android devices.

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    Mentioned in Time Magazine
    Aug. 2011

    Time Magazine lists Starfall among "50 websites That Make the Web Great".

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    Membership Website Expands Content
    Oct. 2010

    Starfall's membership website expands content with new math concepts, songs, rhymes, and reading activities. Growing membership contributions make it possible for us to continue offering free Classic Starfall content and low-cost teaching materials.

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    ABCs for iPhone Debuts
    Sept. 2010

    Starfall enters the mobile age with Starfall ABCs for iPhone.

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    Mentioned in Disney’s Family Fun
    Sept. 2010

    Disney's Family Fun lists Starfall in its “Top Ten Fun Websites”.

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    Accolades in The Wall Street Journal
    Sept. 2010

    The Wall Street Journal reports that no other website respects children's privacy better than Starfall.com ("On the Web, Children Face Intensive Tracking", September 17, 2010).

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    Membership Website 1.0 Launched
    Jun. 2009

    Starfall's membership website version 1.0 goes live with numbers, colors, books, and downloadable music.

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    Kindergarten ELA Program Released
    May 2009

    Starfall Education releases its research-based, field-tested English and Language Arts program, Starfall Kindergarten.

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    Grows to Over 180 Activities
    Sept. 2007

    Starfall.com has grown to over 180 activities, free to the public.

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    Rated by The Reading Teacher
    May 2005

    The Reading Teacher names Starfall.com one of "Five internet sites too good to miss" (Volume 59, Issue 8).

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    ABCs and I'm Reading Indices Available
    Sept. 2004

    Starfall.com extends its content for younger and older readers with the "ABCs" and "I'm Reading" indices.

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    Rated by Children’s Software & New Media Revue
    Mar. 2004

    Starfall is the first website to be rated "highest" in their Early Elementary category by Children's Software & New Media Revue (Volume 12, Number 1, Spring 2004).

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    Starfall Store Opens for Business
    Jan. 2004

    By the end of 2003, Starfall Education has shipped 10 million writing journals free of charge to children around the world. The Starfall Store opens with a mission to provide high-quality educational materials at low cost.

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    “It's Fun to Read” Debuts
    Sept. 2003

    "It's Fun to Read", featuring the exceptionally popular new index "All About Me" debuts.

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    Starfall.com Opens
    Aug. 2002

    Starfall.com "Learn to Read" opens with 15 books, 14 games, and 5 movies, and offers free writing journals.

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