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Fourth Grade ELA

Designed with learners of all levels in mind, our 4th grade English Language Arts activities help learners build understanding of grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules, while offering challenges for more advanced learners. 4th grade learners can also strengthen their reading muscles with extended texts built to support comprehension and fluency skills and to expand into reflection and analysis.

Conventions of Standard English Show CCSS

By fourth grade, learners have been exposed to several parts of speech, punctuation, and capitalization, and how they function in sentences.

Featured Activities
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Commas - Simon Says Help!
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Confused Words - Robot Dog
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Either/Or - Haunted House
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Vocabulary & Spelling Show CCSS

Fourth graders are learning new vocabulary on a daily basis; some taught to students explicitly while other vocabulary is acquired on the student’s own. The challenge of building vocabulary now includes spelling as well.