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Second Grade ELA

From irregular plural nouns and simple verb tenses to punctuation and building silly sentences, our 2nd grade English Language Arts activities help learners establish recognition and understanding of parts of speech and written language. Explore the galaxy practicing capitalization or go back in time to learn prefixes with dinosaurs—our 2nd grade ELA activities have something for every learner!

Parts of Speech Show CCSS

In second grade, learners are able to demonstrate their understanding of the parts of speech and how they function in simple and compound sentences.

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Conventions of Written Language Show CCSS

As second grade learners build their understanding and use of different parts of speech, they will also build their ability to follow the conventions of English punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

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Build a Simple Sentence
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Vocabulary Acquisition and Use Show CCSS

Second graders are learning new vocabulary on a daily basis; some taught to students explicitly while other vocabulary is acquired on the student’s own.

Social-Emotional Learning

As learners grow, social and emotional skills help them develop healthy identities, manage emotions, achieve goals, practice empathy, build and maintain healthy relationships, and make responsible decisions.