Starfall Activity Index

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Ruby Goes to School

Ruby Bridges bravely attended the first desegregated school with some special helpers. Read to learn about Ruby and the high-frequency words but, do, was, and will.

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We Can See

Backpack Bear can see the plant. His friend can see it if she wears glasses. Learn that how we each achieve in our own way. Introduces the high-frequency words her, his, and says.

Backpack Is a Little Bear Song

Backpack is a little bear,
Little bear, little bear,
Whose fur is soft and brown.

Backpack's playing hide and seek,
Hide and seek, hide and seek,
Where can that bear be found?

Backpack is at school today,
School today, school today,
To learn the reading rules.

He will make you laugh and play,
Laugh and play, laugh and play
Yes, Backpack is at school!

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The Computer Song

These things we call computers are made of up many things.
The actual computer—is just this small machine.

This here is the monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse
You'll find them at your school and maybe at your house!

Now look here at the monitor and see what I can do
When I move the mouse around the cursor’s moving too!

People use computers to read and learn and play.
Big kids! Little kids! They use them everyday.

Now you know about computers and so our song is done.
Won't you stay and read with me? We'll have a lot of fun.

What's the Weather? Song

What’s the weather, what’s the weather What’s the weather like today?

It is cloudy, oh so cloudy The weather’s cloudy today.

It is sunny, very sunny The weather’s sunny today.

It is rainy, oh so rainy The weather’s rainy today.

It is windy, very windy The weather’s windy today.

It is snowy, oh so snowy The weather’s snowy today.

Zac and Cat

Can a cat and a rat be friends? If the rat is Zac, they sure can! Short-a practice.

Zac and the Hat

Who knew that a hat could be made from or used for so many different things? Short-a practice.

Peg Helps Zac

Zac has a map. Where will it lead? Peg is ready to help. Short-e practice.

Peg's Egg

Peg is no ordinary hen, so it makes sense that she would have an extraordinary egg. What is inside? Short-e practice.


Read about a real mother hen and her eggs. Nonfiction, short-e practice.

Mox Jogs

Mox loves to jog to stay fit. Can his friends keep up? Short-o practice.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Zac works at Mox's shop. Today popcorn is on the menu! What could go wrong? Short-o practice.

Hop, Bend, Stomp!

So many fun and active things to do to exercise our bodies and stay healthy. Nonfiction, short-o practice.

Tin Man Sits

Tin Man is a clever inventor, but is his cleverness enough to catch that fish? Short-i practice.

Fix the Jet

Peg's jet has been damaged. Her good friends Zac and Tin Man can help. Short-i practice.

Fish and Me

Do you know the differences between fish and human beings? Nonfiction, short-i practice.

Bug in a Jug

Inspired by Aesop's "The Pitcher and the Crow", Zac uses his wits to help a friend. Short-u practice.

Get Up Cub

Experience early spring with cub, who wakes up early and has an adventure on his own. Nonfiction, short-u practice.

Gus and His Dog

Gus struggles with his willful dog. What will it take to motivate him? Short-u practice.

Peg and the Box

Inspired by the Little Red Hen, Peg has a treat to share with her helpful friends. Short-vowel practice.