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Zac tears his shirt while chasing butterflies. Tin Man has a solution, and starts a fashion craze. Short-vowel practice.

Sing-Along Vol 1

Sing along with this selection of 49 catchy tunes with Starfall Sing-Along, Volume 1! A Hunting We Will Go Alphabet Song America the Beautiful Backpack Bear's ABCs Backpack Is a Little Bear Down by the ABSea Every Day is Earth Day Five Little Bears Five Little Chickadees Five Little Monkeys Georgie Porgie Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Hens Are Marching Hey Diddle Diddle Hickory, Dickory, Dock Humpty-Dumpty Jam Little Plant Looby Loo Mary Had a Little Lamb Months of the Year Mulberry Bush Old MacDonald Had a Farm One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Open Them, Shut Them Peas Porridge Hot Peg and Gus Short-a Song Short-e Song Short-i Song Short-o Song Short-u Song Take Me Out to the Ball Game Teddy Bear Says, "Thank You" The Clever Hen Today Is Monday Traffic Lights Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Wee Willie Winkie What's the Weather? Wheels on the Bus Where Is ABCD? Where Is EFGH? Where Is IJKL? Where Is MNOP? Where Is QRST? Where Is UVWXYZ? Zig Zag Zipper Coat

Sing-Along Vol 2

Sing along with this selection of 51 catchy tunes with Starfall Sing-Along, Volume 2! Aiken Drum Are You Sleeping (Frere Jaques) Autumn Leaves B-I-N-G-O Comin' Round the Mountain Day and Night Dinosaur Dance Down by the Bay Five Little Bees Five Little Farmers Five Little Speckled Frogs Five Little Teddy Bears Going on a Forest Walk Happy and You Know It If All the Raindrops I'm a Little Teapot I've Been Working on the Railroad Jimmy Crack Corn John Jacob Jinglehiemer Schmidt Let's Stay Healthy! Little Jack Pumpkin Face Little Red Caboose London Bridge Mix a Pancake Muffin Man Oceans One Little Elephant Went Out to Play One Potato Parts of My Body Plane Ride Pop Goes the Weasel Shoo Fly Six Little Ducks Skip to My Lou Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around Ten Bears in a Bed The Aa /a/ Alligator Song The Ants Go Marching The Bear Went Over the Mountain The Falling Star The Gingerbread Boy The Goodbye Song The Little Turtle The Months of the Year The More We Get Together There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea The Time Song Where Is My Head? Where Is Thumbkin? Yankee Doodle Yonder in the Pair Pair Patch

Selected Nursery Rhymes

Starfall’s Selected Nursery Rhymes features 48 animated classics. Can you find your favorite nursery rhyme? A Tisket, A Tasket A Wise Old Owl Baa, Baa, Black Sheep Cobbler Mend My Shoe Diddle Diddle Dumpling Eensy Weensy Spider Farmer in the Dell Georgie Porgie Mulberry Bush Hey, Diddle Diddle Hickory Dickory Dock Hot Cross Buns Humpty Dumpty Hush, Little Baby It's Raining It's Pouring Jack and Jill Jack Be Nimble Little Bo Peep Little Boy Blue Little Jack Horner Little Miss Muffet London Bridge Mary Had a Little Lamb Mistress Mary Old King Cole Old MacDonald Once I Saw a Little Bird One, Two, Tie My Shoe One, Two, Three, Four, Five Pat-a-Cake Peas-Porridge Hot Peter Piper Rain, Rain Go Away Row Your Boat Sing a Song of Sixpence Star Light, Star Bright The Man in the Moon The North Wind There Was a Crooked Man There's a Neat Little Clock This Little Pig Went to Market This Old Man Three Little Kittens To Market, To Market Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Two Little Blackbirds Wee Willie Winkie Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

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Itzi Bitzi Mitzi Krumpetville

Itzi Bitzi Mitzi was very, very small. This could be frustrating, but she learned to be happy just the way she was. By Susie and Stevie Krumpet. Fiction.

Gingerbread Boy

Children will be thrilled by the Gingerbread Boy's antics in this spicy retelling of the classic story. As told by Brandi Chase. Fiction.

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Backpack Bear Learns the Rules

Today is the first day of school, and Backpack Bear is nervous! It's not long before he learns how rules help make every day a great day at school. By Chase Tunbridge. Fiction.

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Over in the Meadow

A classic counting rhyme filled with many different creatures. Read along, and see! By Olive A. Wadsworth. Poetry.

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I Am Your Flag

Stars and stripes - red, white, and blue - our flag is a symbol of the people of the United States of America. It is your flag. By Chase Tunbridge. Nonfiction

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Who Likes the Rain

All of these animals like the rain. How about you? Adapted from the poem by Clara Doty Bates. Poetry.

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How I Know My World

I love exploring! There is always something new to smell, taste, see, feel, and hear. I use my senses to learn about my world. Photos and words by Brandi Chase. Nonfiction.

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America the Beautiful

From coast to coast, the United States of America is a beautiful land filled with a variety of landscapes and people. Poetry.

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Dreamie Jeannie Krumpetville

Dreamie Jeannie liked to daydream, but sometimes that caused problems. Can she stop daydreaming? By Susie and Stevie Krumpet. Fiction

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Jack Frost

Have you ever woken up to find the windows frosty white? Perhaps Jack Frost was there. By Gabriel Setoun. Poetry

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A Young Hero

Have you heard the story of Ruby Bridges? She was an ordinary little girl who was very brave. Read this book to find out more about her. By Chase Tunbridge. Nonfiction.

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Have you ever wondered where rain, snow, and hail come from? Learn the answer in this book. By Stephen Schutz. Nonfiction.

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A Tale of Two Little Engines - Together they could!

A hopeful little engine faces a tough challenge ahead. Will it find some help along the way? As told by Marc Buchanan. Fiction.

Quotations From Shakespeare

"All the world's a stage..." famous quotations from William Shakespeare. Fiction.

A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

A firefighter needs to be ready to help in any emergency! By Brandi Chase. Nonfiction

Dolphins Are Not Fish - Featuring the Bottlenose Dolphin

Dolphins look like fish, but don't be fooled! Dolphins differ from fish in many ways. By Stephen Schutz. Nonfiction.