Starfall Activity Index

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One Odd Sock

Zac has one odd sock. Where is the match? Introduces digraph th and inflected verb ending -s.

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The children work together to help a hapless insect out of the bus. Introduces short-u spelled u and as schwa, digraph mb, and high-frequency words could, do, we, and would.

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Fish Are Fun

The children work together to take care of the classroom goldfish. Introduces consonant f, digraph ff, and high-frequency words are, now, and will.

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Egg Mess

An egg race gone awry shows that the fun lies in playing together. Introduces consonant w, digraph wh, and high-frequency words or and their.

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Get Well Pam

A cold threatens to keep Pam off the stage. Introduces digraph ng, rime -ing, and high-frequency words well and we.

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What Are You Doing Now?

The kids keep healthy by staying active. What do you do? Introduces inflected verb ending -ing, where the preceding consonants are doubled.

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Chapter Book 2: Matt Has His Shot

With patience, humility, and practice Matt becomes the hero of the baseball game. Cumulative review. All sound spellings from the previous unit and o, h, l, r, e, ea, k, ck, sh, th, u, schwa, mb, f, w, wh, ng and rimes -all, -ing, and -ead. All High-Frequency Words from the previous unit and are, could, do, from, get, got, head, him, little, my, no, now, one, or, out, them, then, their, there, this, up, we, well, what, when, which, will, and would.

The Top Bunk

How will the children get on the top bunk? Introduces digraph nk, rime -ink, and high-frequency words about, down, hands, very, who, work.

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I Like Jam

Jam is delicious, but even more so when you make it for others. Introduces consonant j and high-frequency words into, like(s), and tell.

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Dodge Ball

Dodge ball is fun to play when you are among friends. Introduces /j/ spelled dge, gy, ge, and gi; and the high-frequency word "been".

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Tad Cat at the Vet

Have you ever tried to coax a cat into a carrier? Introduce consonant v, and digraph ve.


Giving can sometimes have unexpected results. Introduces inflected verb ending -ing, where the final e has been dropped.

Come See Mox!

Mox is ready to perform, don't miss his show! Introduces consonant x and high-frequency words come, more, time, went, and man.

Bug's Gum

Gum can be fun, particularly if you can blow a bubble bigger than you are. Introduces consonant z, digraph zz, possessive 's, and high-frequency words says, some, and your.

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Zac's Yak, Max

What kinds of tricks will Zac's Yak Max perform? Introduces consonant y, and high-frequency word "yes".

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Time to Hatch

See baby chicks emerge from their shells. Introduces digraph ch, trigraph tch, high-frequency word "its" and the inflected verb ending -es.

All About Ducks

Read this nonfiction book to learn all about ducks. Introduces digraph qu and high-frequency words know, how, and look.

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We Can Go Over the Hill

The children work together to climb up and over the hill. Introduces the lonely vowel and high-frequency words ask, before, over, and yet.

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Let's Get on a Ship

Pam has an adventure with her father on an old sailing vessel. Introduces contractions with us, not, and will; and high-frequency words again and let's.

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Chapter Book 3: Peg Has a Wish

Discover the origin of Peg's perfect pink plane. Cumulative review. All sound spellings from the previous units and nk, j, dge, ge, gi, gy, v, ve, x, y, z, zz, ch, tch, qu and rimes -ink. All High-Frequency Words from the previous unit and about, again, ask, been, before, come, down, go, hands, how, into, its, know, like, let, look, man, more, over, says, some, tell, time, very, went, who, work, yes, yet, and your.