Starfall Activity Index

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What Can I Make?

Matt and Tim follow the directions to make paper ships. Introduce long-a (a_e, a); rime-ank; high-frequency words great, here, make, must, and made.

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Pete loses his first tooth while at a sleep over at Matt's house. Introduce long-e (ee, e_e); contractions with is; high-frequency words back, good, only, than, and where.

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A Long Bike Ride

Tim enjoys a long bike ride in his neighborhood. Introduce long-i (i_e, ie), /s/ _ce, and high-frequency words long, other, take, two, and way.

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Tate Is Shy

Tate is new at the school, will she find a place to sit in the cafeteria? Introduce long-i (igh, y), and high-frequency words away, don’t, never, saw, and were.

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Who Will Find Dad's Hat?

Dad has lost his hat. Who will help him find it? Introduce long-i (i), rimes -ild and -ind, and high-frequency word "any".

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The Rose

Pete and his father work together to plant a rose bush in the garden. Introduce long-o (o_e, oe), /z/ _se, and high-frequency words after, just, put, told, too, and us

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Little Bo Peep

Enjoy this performance of the classic nursery rhyme. Introduce long-o (ow).

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Never Too Old to Roll

Mom encourages Pete and Joe to play outside in the snow. Introduce long-o (o), rime -old, compound words, and high-frequency words, much, old, and thought.

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Shoot Hoops

Tate and Pam enjoy a game of hoops. Introduce oo as in hoop.

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Tim Hooks His First Fish

Tim goes camping and fishing with his parents. Introduce oo as in book, rime -ould, and high-frequency words asked, first, should and think.

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Lonely Whale Song

Learn about whale songs from naturalist Zac the Rat. Introduce long-e (_y), inflected endings -ly and -y, and high-frequency words anymore, most, and our.

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A Mime Is Mute

Will Tate grow up to be a clown like her father? Introduce long-u (u_e, ue, ui), and high-frequency words day, last, off, Mr., and Mrs.

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A Ride on the Dunes

Pete and Tate follow the dune rules. Introduce oo as in hoop (u_e, ue, ui).

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Chapter Book 4: Tate Is Six

Tate has a perfect birthday. Cumulative review. All sound spellings from the previous units and /ā/ a, ae; /j/ _ge; /s/ ce; /ē/ee, ee; /ī/ ie, _ie, igh, y, i; /ō/ oe, ow, o; short /oo/ as in "book" /ū/ ue, ue; /oo/ as in "hoop" u_e, ue, ui, oo; /z/ _se; rimes -old, -ild, -ind, -ang, -ank; and compound words. All High-Frequency Words from the previous unit and after, any, anymore, asked, away, back, day, don't, first, good, great, here, just, last, long, made, make, most, Mr., Mrs., much, must, never, off, old, only, other, our, put, saw, should, take, than, think, thought, told, too, two, us, way, were, and where.

Bait on a Chain

A photographer goes under the ocean in a cage to take pictures of sharks. Introduces /ā/ (ai, ay) and the high-frequency words himself, if, might, such, want.


Informational text about seals. Introduces /ē/ (ea) and the high-frequency words these and upon.

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Moe the Wild Boar

Moe the boar learns the truth in "too much of a good thing". Introduces /ō/ (oa) and the high-frequency words say, once, and night.

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Let's Go on a Hike

Matt joins the Totts on a family hike. Introduces inflected verb ending _ed and high frequency words came, ever, eyes, own, so, took.

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White-Tailed Deer

Informational text about the white-tailed deer. Introduces inflected verb ending /t/ ( _ed) and high frequency words found, people, still, and turn.

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Our Lake Needed Us

The children visit their community campground and discover it needs their help. Introduces inflected verb ending /d/ ( _ed).