Starfall Activity Index

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Sorting Control-r

Use sound and sight to sort r-controlled-vowel words by sound.

Picture Hunt, y as Long-e

Search the picture for items containing the y as long-e sound.

Matching More Vowels

Match long-vowel and r-controlled vowel words to pictures.

Zac the Rat

Have a sticky adventure with Zac the Rat and learn to read short-a words at the same time!

Peg the Hen

Soar above the clouds reading short-e words in all kinds of weather with Peg the Hen.

The Big Hit

It's Tin Man's big moment! Will he hit the ball? Will you learn to read short-i words? Read this book to find out.

Mox's Shop

Mox the fox is busy in his shop. Help him mix the ingredients in his pot and he'll help you learn to read short-o words.

Gus the Duck

Gus loves to take a bubble bath. What is under all those suds? You will discover short-u words. What will Gus find?

Jake's Tale

Jake likes to play in the ocean, but he's not the only one. Make waves by learning to read long-a words.

Pete's Sheep

Pete cannot sleep! Read this book to learn how long-e words helped him solve his problem.

Sky Ride

This is no ordinary bike ride! The long-i words in this book will carry you away!

Robot and Mr. Mole

What do a mole and a rope have in common? They are both long-o words and can be used to help a robot out of trouble.

Dune Buggy

Have fun on the dunes with long-u words, Duke, and his buddy Dune Buggy. Go left or right? Over or under? You decide!

Soap Boat

A humble soap boat has a long-vowel team adventure at sea. Will it ever return home?

Car Race

Mark and Carla are ready to race! Who will win? Read the r-controlled a words in this book to find out.

My Horse Glory

A girl loses her horse. With your help and the help of r-controlled o words this story is sure to have a happy ending.

Surfer Girl

You'll want to read the r-controlled vowels in this book just to surf all day with Surfer Girl!

My Family

Picture this: A monster family is about to get one monster bigger. You'll learn that Y can be a vowel and that you can be a reader.

How the Alphabet Got Its Order

How did the alphabet get its order? This movie has a theory. Do you think it's true?

How We Read and Write

In some countries people read from top to bottom; in others they read right to left. How do they read where you come from?