Starfall Activity Index

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I love you, Backpack Bear!
Make a Valentine

Create a personalized Valentine's Day card and send it to your favorite Starfall character!

Can you find the words to describe the rabbit?
Word Hunt

It's a word hunt! Choose from hidden vocabulary to describe the silly rabbit's appearance. Next choose an action word for the rabbit to act out.

Be a recycling champion!
Earth Day

Every Day is Earth Day. You can make this world a safer and healthier place by helping to clean up our planet and plant a tree.

Grow your own beautiful colorful flower!
Garden Shop

Pick a seed and grow a flower. Decide which step is first, next, and last as you grow your own digital flower at the Starfall Garden Shop!

Who are YOU?
All About Me

If you want the world to know all about you then show the world who you are, what kind of pet you have, where you sleep, what kind of toys you like and so on.

You can have green skin and blue hair if you want to!
Who Am I?

Who Are You? You decide who you are by styling your own unique character for yourself. Choose to be a girl or boy, decide on how old you are, then pick out a style and color for your hair, your eyes and your face. And of course, you choose your own clothes, shoes and accessories.

My pet is a flying kangaroo! What's yours?
What Is My Pet?

What sort of creature would you like to have as your best friend? A dog? A cat? or perhaps a dinosaur or kangaroo? Once you pick out your very own pet, then the real fun begins! Not only are these pets super talented and always on the go, but they expect you to feed them.

I love reading in bed!
Where Do I Sleep?

Where Do You Sleep? Show off your talents as an interior decorator as you choose from assorted bed and blanket styles to create your own customized bed. Choose what to hide under your pillow, what time to go to bed, then see what magic happens once you fall asleep.

Where is your favorite place to play with toys?
Which Is My Toy?

Choose your favorite toy to take with you to your favorite places and share with others.

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Have you ever seen a cowboy who is also a bear?
What Will I Wear?

If you like dressing up in silly outfits then you have come to the right place. Mix and match tops, bottoms, shoes and hats to create your own one-of-a-kind costume!

Head, shoulders, knees, toes, and much more!
My Body

Learn the different parts of your body, and then get ready to move and groove.

What's in the tub?
My Bathroom

Match the words to the fixtures that are in your bathroom. Then click around to turn on the shower, fill up the sink or flush the toilet.

Let's bake in the oven!
My Kitchen

Match the words to the fixtures and appliances in your kitchen. Click around the room to open the refrigerator, microwave some popcorn, and wash the dishes in the sink.

What's on TV?
My Living Room

Match the words to the home furnishings in your living room. Sit down on your couch, turn on your reading lamp and enjoy a good book.

I love learning about art!
Art Gallery

Stories about classic and contemporary artists and their paintings.

What can you learn about YOURself?
Vincent van Gogh

Stories about classic Van Gogh paintings. Have you ever painted a dream? Includes practice with compound words.

Look at the slight bright dots! What a sight!
Georges Seurat

Seurat painted with little dots of color. Also includes practice with the rime -ight.

See for yourself what all the fuss is abOUT.
Paul Gauguin

Learn about the life and artwork of Paul Gauguin. Includes practice with words containing the diphthong "ou".

Are you young or old? Happy or sad?
Marc Chagall

Chagall's ideas for his paintings came from his dreams. This story includes practice with opposites.

His legs are longER than mine!
Ernie Barnes

Ernie Barnes, athlete turned painter, paints pictures that tell stories. Also includes practice with two-syllable r-controlled vowel words.