Starfall Activity Index

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Wow! Check out these beautiful paintings!
Dorothy Strait

Native American Dorothy Strait paints pictures of her culture. Also includes practice with the diphthong "ow".

I love magic!

Follow instructions and use rhyming words to find magical fun! Customize your magician and make magic while practicing word family rhymes and high frequency words.

What magician will you conjure?
Make a Magician

Make your very own magician and customize your outfit! Choose capes, wands, roller skates, hats and monkey assistants!

Use your own magic skills to label your magician's clothes!
Label the magician

Label your magician! Practice basic vocabulary by labeling your magician.

Using rhyming for magic is fun!
Magic Hat Trick

Say these magic words with me: How Now Brown Cow What happens when you tap on the Magic Hat?

Watch closely!
Magic Shell Trick

Say these magic words with me: Glider Slider Little Spider What happens when you tap on the Magic Shell?

I love listening to music!

Stories about classic composers and what inspired their beautiful music.

Listening to this song was the first, second, and third thing I did today!
Ludwig Van Beethoven

Beethoven wrote music even after he became deaf! Also includes practice with ordinals and ASL.

Have you ever seen a cat playing on a piano?
Frederic Chopin

Chopin wrote music inspired by a dog and a cat. Also includes practice with the rime -ing.

Ragtime music makes me want to dance!
Scott Joplin

Great American composer, Scott Joplin, wrote Ragtime music. Also includes practice with present and past tenses.

Do you think you'd like to write music like Mozart?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart wrote a sonata when he was only 8 years old! Includes practice with the rime -ay.

Can you can-can?
Jacques Offenbach

Offenbach wrote music to make you dance and smile. Includes practice with the rime -ump.

Do you recognize these songs?
Peter Tchaikovsky

Learn about music from The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. Also includes practice with the diphthong "oy".

Which symphony is your favorite?
Beethoven's Jukebox

Listen to Beethoven's First through Ninth symphonies.

I like watching the dancing pineapples.
Joplin's Jukebox

Listen to Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag," "Pineapple Rag," "Entertainer Rag" and "Ragtime Dance."

How many of these songs do you know?
Tchaikovsky's Jukebox

Listen to Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Reed Flutes," Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy," "Chinese Dance," and "Waltz of the Flowers."

Reading poetry makes me happy!

This selection of four poems offers students the opportunity to learn and appreciate the English language as used as an art form. Students can click and listen to each word individually as they read these poems.

Do you wish you could touch the sky?
If I Could Touch the Sky

If I Could Touch the Sky By: Natasha Josefowitz “If I Could Touch the Sky” is a magical journey into the heavens where the clouds, the moon and the stars are suddenly within reach.

Play make believe in your special fort!
My Hiding Place

My Hiding Place by Natasha Josefowitz Do you have a special hiding place all your own? Somewhere you can hide from the rest of the world and pretend to your heart's content? “My Hiding Place” invites you into to a hiding place where your imagination unlocks the door to a secret world of make-believe.

Where do shadows go in the dark?
My Shadow

My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson You’re never alone when you have your trusty shadow to follow you wherever you go. This whimsical poem by Robert Louis Stevenson reveals how your own shadow can be a fun companion to have along.