Our Mission

Are you a parent? A teacher? A homeschooler? Then Starfall’s Parent-Teacher Center™ is for you. This resource is an early education website offering time-saving tools, resources, and support to expand children’s learning and help all our grown-up users become confident Starfall classroom and home educators. Our goal is to reach out to teachers, parents, guardians, babysitters, homeschooling families—anyone involved in the early education of children—and help you feel supported and excited about your children’s early education.

The website currently has five components:

Supplemental Resources

Our supplemental resources include time-saving customizable English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics worksheets, downloadable workbooks, projectables, recipes, and crafts, and customizable word & picture cards based on Starfall products and curriculum.

Curriculum Materials

Curriculum materials include a full school year's worth of lesson plans and supporting materials for Starfall’s complete Pre-K, Kindergarten English Language Arts (ELA), and Kindergarten Mathematics programs.

Starfall News & Events

Starfall News & Events will share information about everything new in our Parent-Teacher Center, Starfall Store, and at Starfall.com. This is a venue to communicate more openly and clearly with you, Starfall’s grown-up audience, including updates showcasing what’s new, product and activity highlights, curriculum announcements, information about upcoming conventions in which Starfall will participate, and other important Starfall news for grown-ups.

Parent & Teacher Supporting Resources

Guidance for parents, teachers, and homeschooling families to utilize all that Starfall has to offer, including our Complete Guides to Using Starfall and—coming soon—a series of frequently asked questions answered by Starfall’s experienced educators.

Standards Alignment

Review detailed outlines for how Starfall’s activities and curricula align with state and national standards.