In January 2019: Upgraded layout and HTML5 for Apple tablet and mobile!

Great news: Starfall is growing! Our next upgrade will include expanded second and third grade math. In addition, you will find activities organized by subject and grade sequence with new content for older children. You will find one area for Kindergarten and Pre-K and another for Grades 1, 2, and 3.

We are also making technical upgrades. To support modern browsers, we are changing from Adobe Flash to HTML5 animation. You will no longer see requests to approve Flash. Also, you will be able to enjoy directly on your Apple iOS browser! Later we will support Android devices as well. Of course, all of our Starfall Individual Apps for tablet and mobile will continue to be available.

In the future, look for exciting new activities, including complex math games, new songs, and new grammar activities. We believe you and your children will be thrilled with the new content and with the ability to enjoy and learn using the newest devices in school, at home, and on the go!