Kindergarten Sight Words

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Sight words are the words that appear most frequently in reading. They are memorized so that a child can recognize commonly used or phonetically irregular words at a glance, without needing to go letter-by-letter. Sight words are also referred to as high-frequency words. Teaching sight words helps students read more fluently and write more efficiently. Starfall offers numerous materials designed to introduce and reinforce beginning sight words. From worksheets and online activities to physical products such as books, writing journals, and instructional cards, a generation of children have improved their reading skills by using Starfall's research-backed learning materials.

Starfall Activities Featuring Sight Words

From among Starfall's huge selection of online songs, games, and videos, there are many activities we offer that specifically acquaint young readers with kindergarten sight words. In no time, kids will joyfully learn to spot these words as soon as they see them onscreen...and on the page.

Image of Learn to Read Index

Learn to Read

Though the primary focus is early phonics, sight words are used to tie sentences together and assist with fluency.

Image of It's Fun to Read Index

It's Fun to Read

Sight words are integrated into beginner readers while exposing different genres of text.

Image of I'm Reading Index

I'm Reading

Heavier focus on sight words. Illustrations provide additional context.

Image of Vowel Pals Index

Vowel Pals

Decodable beginner readers that reinforce high-frequency words.

Image of Backpack Bear's Books Index

Backpack Bear's Books

Predecodable rebus readers that are designed to expand children's awareness of how words function in a sentence and reinforce high-frequency words.

Image of Colors!


Practice learning color sight words with this activity.

Image of More Phonics

More Phonics

Progressive phonics and sight words increase in the level of challenge from Units 1-8.

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Seasonal activities provide a fun way to practice sight words.

Resources Available on the Starfall Parent-Teacher Center

From within the Starfall Parent-Teacher Center, parents and educators can generate custom practice sheets designed specifically with kindergarten sight words in mind. These worksheets allow children to engage directly with the materials while also allowing grown-ups to view and measure progress.

Products Available in the Starfall Store

Listed below are products currently available from the Starfall Store that demonstrate the concept of sight words and help students practice their skills in recalling these words and their meanings at-a-glance.